Country Club Fitness Centre Kurla – Mumbai

Country Club Fitness CentreMembers of country club always had an advantage of enjoying whole year of entertainment like spending their holidays at national and international holiday destinations and also health, wellness and fitness services offered. Now the advantage of fitness is available for everyone through Country Club fitness centers located in all the major cities and upcoming properties in the regional areas.

These are the times where the physical fitness is major part of our daily life. Country club India understands the importance of fitness and provides the best fitness centers for all its Country Club Vacation members in their respective locations. These country club fitness centers are designed to provide the best health and wellness options for all their members, so that the Country Club members can take advantage of this service. The whole family can use these fitness centers and the wellness centers for getting the best boost in their daily health. These fitness and wellness centers are free to use for all the members. Country club is coming up with new fitness centers in all the cities where the properties are located. And these centers are located centrally for the comfort of the members. Country club provides this free advantage for all members because of the AM charges paid. All the facilities they enjoy are maintained and provided by this charges.

One of the most desirable assets one can have is a fit mind and body. Country Club fitness centers all over the country would gladly agree to this fact. The members of Country Club Mumbai are provided with new fitness options almost every month. This is like a boon for all the members in Mumbai and the rest of the members in the country who visit Mumbai for vacation or official visits as the number of fitness centers in Mumbai are increasing as the time goes by. With the new fitness centre in Phoenix market city, Kurla, the Country Club members from the city of Mumbai can now get the best privilege and advantage of daily fitness routine. With qualified trainers and well equipped fitness machines, the member can now stay fit according to his or her requirement. This fitness centre in Kurla is the tenth fitness centre in the growing network of country Club fitness centers.

Expansion plans of Country Club aim to create fitness centers across Indian & abroad and the kick-off started with 350 INR  crores. Each of these fitness centers are equipped with state of the art equipment & qualified trainers. Members can avail facilities like Total cardio, muscle strength, Zumba and Pilates classes for their whole workout. Our members are that they can stay committed to their fitness regimen while enjoying their holidays with our national and international network for free of cost. The Country Club member can travel wherever and yet stay fit too. Country Club India Limited currently has operations in Middle East, Sri Lanka, London & Thailand. It owns and operates over 60 clubs across India & abroad and has over three lakh members.

Contact Information

Country Club Fitness Center
F 36, Phoenix market city, Kurla,
Near Kamani Junction, Mumbai,
Phone No: 9987641929, 9769000328

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