Country Club Kodaikanal Is A Very Beautiful Resort

country-club-kodaikanalIt gives me great joy to write to you on what a wonderful experience I had while my stay at Country Club Kodaikanal Resort. The fact that it is situated away from the city, away from the hustle-bustle and noise, makes it all the more serene and peaceful. We were at this beautiful Country Club India resort for a week but wished we stayed longer because the hospitality we received was top-notch. The location and the view was breathtaking.

I really appreciate the quality of the staff, who were always smiling when attending to us and very helpful. A few names I can remember and deserve a mention are Vikas, Samir Das, Francis, Sushant, Lenin, Madan. There were more but I am unable to recollect their names. So helpful was the staff that one of the days, when we had planned to visit Poombarai temple, Samir arranged to prepare lemon rice for us for the journey. This was not even in the menu and yet, he was kind to make our journey easy. Another incident which earned my respect towards the staff was when I had forgotten my credit card at check-out, and Lenin called me when we were almost 5 kms away on our way back home, and asked us to stay where we were and sent Madan with the card. This is the first time I have received such a warm hospitality from a hotel staff. Hats off to you! I will recommend Country Club India anytime over any other resorts in India.

Overall, Country Club India was a great play and made our stay enjoyable.

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