Country Club Begumpet – Dussehra Celebrations

Navrathri-Country Club IndiaCountry Club Vacation India is known to organize innovative events and celebrate diverse national festivals across every destination. For this very reason, it is known as the power house of entertainment.

To keep its promise, Country Club India ensures that all festivals are celebrated in grand fashion. Last week, Country Club Begumpet did just that to mark the widely celebrated festival – Dussehra.

Country Club Begumpet surprised the children by staging a magic show and a puppet show at the event. Not only were they thrilled at the performances but also got a chance to be a part of the magic shows. The event kicked off in grand style with merry faces of children.

Keeping in sync with our customs, the event followed with a play depicting the story of Lord Rama and Raavan. Cheered by children and parents alike, the artists received applause for their portrayal.

The show came to end with the traditional burning of Ravana effigy. A ten foot eco-friendly effigy was created for this act. Surrounded by all attendees, the burning effigy of Raavan marked the end of another auspicious year in the festival.

The staff arranged for dinner, dessert and drinks at the end of the event. The guests engaged in conversation over the food before calling the eventful day off.

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