Country Club Bandipur – Take an Unusual Trip

Country Club Wildlife Resort

If you are searching for an unusual trip, Country Club Wildlife Resort in Bandipur is the place for you. Instead of the regular hangout, Bandipur brings you an overload of ecstatic woody escapades. Set on the border of Bandipur National Park, the resort offers plenty of adventures to choose from.

Board a specially modified 4-wheel jeep and take a ride deep into the forest on guided safaris. Take a hike with a local guide and set your targets at the top of the hills. Capture the vibrant life of exotic birds and mammals on your camera. Cycle your way along the bucolic tracks and visit nearby village homes and farms.

And when you have tired yourself with excursions, come back to the resort where you will be greeted with a pool, delicious food in an open-air restaurant and sip a drink or two at the bar. Meet fellow guests and unwind over a blissful bonfire with your family and friends.

Have we got your attention yet? Country Club Bandipur is equipped with best of both worlds’ facilities to ensure your stay here is nothing short of pleasant.

The staff is trained and well-organized. They look after the customer’s interest and ensure you never have to deal with any stress during your stay.

Bring your family along for a memorable trip here at Country Club Bandipur.

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