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Country Club Hotel Golden Star – Musical Night

For its impressive family hospitality services, Country Club India is known as the “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs in India.” All its locations are provided with features such as fitness clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, business centres, swimming pools, etc.

The Country Club Hotel Golden Star has arranged for a musical night for all who love music and socializing. Enjoy your drinks while listening to music and meeting new people or having a blast with your usual gang. Don’t let seat limitations limit you, book your tickets beforehand.

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Special Lunch Buffet At Country Club India – Jade Resorts ECR

Country Club India - Jade Resorts ECRThe Country Club India is famed for organizing innovative events and celebrating varied national and international festivals across every destination. The Country Club Vacation India is literally the power house of entertainment. It is also recognized for its contemporary clubbing facilities.

Spread across 186 locations in India, Country Club Vacation is the largest leisure infrastructure and has been dubbed as the “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs”.

Along with multiple facilities such as Health clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, business center, swimming pool, etc., Country Club India is broadly acclaimed for its personalized family holiday packages and Page 3 entertainment events. Country Club India aims at organizing events that are beneficial to its members.

Get a glimpse of a lively spirit at Country Club India’s Jade Resorts ECR in Coimbatore where we are organizing a Special Lunch Buffet. Unwind with your family, to enjoy different variety of food in this event. Hurry Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Food & Beverages are chargeable. Limited seats only.

Event Details
Weekend Special Lunch Buffet @ Country Club Jade Resorts ECR
Date: 18th June, 2016 Time: 12:30 PM
Contact: 044 37470800/65555800/09282552888

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Summer Camp At Country Club Lucknow

Indian families trust and rely on Country Club India for their vacation needs like no other. The “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs”, Country Club India is established around 186 locations. The world-class clubbing facilities and experiences offered by Country Club India are a rare deal with other holiday companies.

Speaking of fun for the complete family, kids often get special treatment at Country Club India. Country Club Lucknow has been conducting a daily Summer Camp for kids. Now you can drop kids off at the summer camp to learn new things while you take care of other things. Only a few days left for summer to end, so let your child grab this opportunity to learn.

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