Country Club India – Kandivali IPL Match Screening

IPL Match Screening At Country Club India - KandivaliThe “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs”, Country Club India, is spread across India with 186 locations. Its success can be attributed to the state-of-the-art clubbing experiences.

Country Club Vacation India offers accessible and affordable clubbing options to its members. All its locations are equipped with multiple facilities such as health clubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, business centres, swimming pools, etc.

The powerhouse of entertainment, Country Club Vacation has a reputation of providing innovative family holiday packages and star-studded entertainment events. Dedicated to organizing various innovative entertainment events, it celebrates diverse national and international festivals across every destination.

Country Club Spring Kandivali, has taken the level of event-innovation a step higher with its upcoming event.  It will be screening the IPL matches! Cricket fans were looking for intresting match on big screen, Country Club India just came up with the perfect event for them. Book your seats now!

Food and beverages are chargeable.

Details Of IPL Match Screening:
24th May, 2016
07:00 PM
Member Entry Charges:
Guest Entry Charges:
Country Club Spring Kandivali

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Country Club India – Koregaon Park

Country Club Koregaon Park is a part of the largest chain of hospitality services, the Country Club India. From a gym to restaurant to a bar, Country Club Koregaon Park is a one-stop destination for all your clubbing needs.

Located in Pune’s most buzzing area, Koregaon Park, the club fits right in to serve the active life of its members. A world-class gym with experienced trainers to assist every member is the highlight of Country Club Koregaon Park.

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The Country Club Resorts Coimbatore – Onam Festival & Raksha Bandhan Special


Country Club Vacation India is the largest leisure infrastructure in India offering state-of-the-art clubbing facilities. It is also recognized as the “Biggest Chain of Family Clubs”. Now Country Club Coimbatore welcomes you to be a part of two special celebrations – Onam and Raksha Bandhan.

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Relive Your Childhood With Tambola Night At Country Club Kool Andheri

Tambola Night At Country Club Kool Andheri

Remember those days when the highlight of a school picnic was a nerve-wrecking game of Tambola? Well, Country Club India is happy to bring back the nostalgia this evening, only at the Country Club Kool, Andheri.

Tambola is a game for the young and the young at heart and everybody in between. Holding on to that little piece of paper that will decide your fate is as thrilling as riding a fast motorbike.

Country Club Vacation knows the joy and thrill of a simple yet extremely enjoyful Tambola game and so it has organized a Tambola Night at the Country Club Kool Andheri

Country Club Vacation India is a fan of the game too, as a whole bunch of people can come together to enjoy this game. It is perfect for any party with any number of people, no?

At Country Club Kool Andheri the game begins at 8 PM. You better note the time and don’t be late. What’s more, you can bring guests along too, for a reasonable price of Rs. 50 per head.

Bring one, bring all, the more the merrier. Tambola is meant to be played amid a lot of people and only then does the chance factor begin to get exciting.

The exhilarating Tambola night will be accompanied by great food and thirst quenching drinks. Food and drinks will be chargeable for both members and guests.

Oh, did we forget to mention that the Tambola night has limited seats? So call Country Club India on 022- 6698202/03/04/05/06/07/078/09 and book your seats now before someone else signs up for your fun night!

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Enjoy Karaoke Night Only At the Country Club Spring Kandivali

Karaoke NightLove to sing? Member of the Country Club? Then tonight’s event at the Country Club Spring Kandivali. Join in the fun with the Country Club Vacation India’s most fun offering ‘Karaoke Night’

Are you just a bathroom singer? Then the Country Club wants you to break out of your steamy shell and head to Country Club Spring Kandivali this evening.

Country Club India’s one of the most fun events is back to make your evenings groovy! Join in the fun at the ‘Karaoke Night’.

The Country Club Vacation events are meant to  bring together people from all walks of life and what better way to do it than with Karaoke singing?

The Country Club Vacation India knows that one cannot enjoy a Karaoke Night without friends and so tonight’s event is open for guests too!

The Country Club member entry is free of charge and the guest entry is charged at a minor sum of Rs. 50. So collect all who you want to sing with and head to Country Club Spring Kandivali tonight.

Please note that the food and beverages at this free-of-cost fun event will eb chargeable for walk-ins. For more information call 022-28617601/02

We don’t think we need to urge you anymore to partake in the fun unraveling at the Country Club Spring Kandivali.

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Discover Lavasa the Modern Hill Station with Country Club India

Country Club Lavasa, Country Club IndiaLavasa is a planned hill station developed on the Western Ghats, on the banks of the Baji Pasalkar reservoir behind the Varasgaon Dam near Pune. Lavasa Hill City is free India’s first and largest hill city with a sprawling township spread across the 7 hills of the Mose valley.

High up in the Western Ghats, where nature grows wild, is a bush that is part of the perennial foliage of the slopes. It fades when the dry spells hit and bursts into vivid green life with the arrival of the monsoon. Expect, this plant has a party trick up its sleeve: every eight years, the carpet of green explodes in a profusion of color- all possible shades of blue. Iridescent violet to pale lavender with splashes of reds and pinks. This is the Karvi shrub, strutting its stuff briefly, after which it quietly shuts shop and vanishes for another eight years. Not just a pretty face, the plant is known for its anti-inflammatory properties in ayurvedic, Japanese and Chinese medicine. It is only fitting that the first ever spa in Dasve. Country Club India members are offered a best spa from Karvi spa.

The Dasvino Town & Country Club, the Karvi Spa pulls out all stops with its 11 therapy rooms and menu of treatments that seem to cover the best of Eurasia with the ubiquitous Jacuzzi and steam room added for universal appeal.Country Club Lavasa, Country Club India

You can have therapists hanging off a rope and walking up and down your back or sinking their thumbs deep into your sore muscles, liberating them from stiffness. Opt for the Karvi Four Hand Synchronized massage, which involves the therapists performing a well-synchronized duet with clever fingers. Or try a 2,500 year old Thai therapy perfected by Buddhist monks, it includes yoga postures and stretches. You can also opt for the Balinese import that revitalizes your chi. If it’s a quick fix that you need, go for the foot reflexology or distress with a head, neck and shoulder massage.

Currently, the spa has kicked off weekend services for visitors to Lavasa, who come to soak in some tranquility before heading back to the city. In time, it will be the staple of the city’s residents.

A member’s only club has always been an integral part of urban life in Indian cities. It provides the citizens of a town an opportunity to meet strangers and expand their social circle through shared activities that may range from a simple shared love for cigars and whisky to active sport. The Dasvino Town & Country Club, set on the shores of Warasgaon Lake, is one such meeting ground for Lavasa’s residents. The surrounding greenery and serenity of water lapping at its shores make it the perfect place to kick back and relax after a long day at the office.

An infinity pool, steps away from the shores of the lake, is ringed by an alfresco, all-day dining area- the ideal spot to soak in Lavasa’s Country Club Lavasa, Country Club Indiaperennially clement climate, as you make new friends or catch up with old ones. You may choose to iron out the desk-job kinks at the gym outfitted with state of the art Nautilus equipment or pamper yourself with one of the treatments at Karvi Spa. If playing tennis beside the lake while surrounded by mountains is your thing, get out there and smash a few balls around. Stow your kids in the playroom, where they can romp under the expert eye of the qualified staff while you do your thing. The ground-level restaurant, the Asian Opera, is a little more formal; the menu is pan-Asian and the produce handpicked from Lavasa’s own organic gardens. The Lounge, located upstairs, is ideal for relaxing against a backdrop of spectacular views, while the English-themed pub is perfect for grabbing a few drinks. With Hong Kong based International Leisure Consultants (ILC), the masterminds behind legendary establishments (such as the Hong Kong Cricket Club, the St. Regis, Beijing and The Venetian Macau) managing the club, you can be assured that the Lavasa quality of life will be adhered to at this little haven of leisure.

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Country Club Fitness Centre Kurla – Mumbai

Country Club Fitness CentreMembers of country club always had an advantage of enjoying whole year of entertainment like spending their holidays at national and international holiday destinations and also health, wellness and fitness services offered. Now the advantage of fitness is available for everyone through Country Club fitness centers located in all the major cities and upcoming properties in the regional areas.

These are the times where the physical fitness is major part of our daily life. Country club India understands the importance of fitness and provides the best fitness centers for all its Country Club Vacation members in their respective locations. These country club fitness centers are designed to provide the best health and wellness options for all their members, so that the Country Club members can take advantage of this service. The whole family can use these fitness centers and the wellness centers for getting the best boost in their daily health. These fitness and wellness centers are free to use for all the members. Country club is coming up with new fitness centers in all the cities where the properties are located. And these centers are located centrally for the comfort of the members. Country club provides this free advantage for all members because of the AM charges paid. All the facilities they enjoy are maintained and provided by this charges.

One of the most desirable assets one can have is a fit mind and body. Country Club fitness centers all over the country would gladly agree to this fact. The members of Country Club Mumbai are provided with new fitness options almost every month. This is like a boon for all the members in Mumbai and the rest of the members in the country who visit Mumbai for vacation or official visits as the number of fitness centers in Mumbai are increasing as the time goes by. With the new fitness centre in Phoenix market city, Kurla, the Country Club members from the city of Mumbai can now get the best privilege and advantage of daily fitness routine. With qualified trainers and well equipped fitness machines, the member can now stay fit according to his or her requirement. This fitness centre in Kurla is the tenth fitness centre in the growing network of country Club fitness centers.

Expansion plans of Country Club aim to create fitness centers across Indian & abroad and the kick-off started with 350 INR  crores. Each of these fitness centers are equipped with state of the art equipment & qualified trainers. Members can avail facilities like Total cardio, muscle strength, Zumba and Pilates classes for their whole workout. Our members are that they can stay committed to their fitness regimen while enjoying their holidays with our national and international network for free of cost. The Country Club member can travel wherever and yet stay fit too. Country Club India Limited currently has operations in Middle East, Sri Lanka, London & Thailand. It owns and operates over 60 clubs across India & abroad and has over three lakh members.

Contact Information

Country Club Fitness Center
F 36, Phoenix market city, Kurla,
Near Kamani Junction, Mumbai,
Phone No: 9987641929, 9769000328

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